Every little bit helps but it is not required to enjoy the music here.

Interested in being a DJ with Mental Asylum Radio?

It helps to be a little bit crazy

An Internet Radio Station

This means we are not tied down to a specific location. We work from our homes and give what time we have available to the music we love.

Forward Thinking

We love the big hits as much as anyone. They didn’t become hits because they suck, right? But we are also excited to be working with some new talent. We also like playing those songs that you don’t get to hear on the radio much, but are awesome!

Music Lovers

We created Mental Asylum Radio because we love music. All kinds of music. That is why we are a mixed genre station. We want to share all kinds of music with the world.


Mental Asylum Radio is listened to in several countries. You don’t have to be in a specific country to be a DJ here. We do however require DJs to use english at this time.

Our Story

Once upon a time, long and far, there was a little internet company in which the partners worked very hard every day writing scripts, bots, and sites. One day one of the partners was asked to assist a radio station. He learned to be a DJ and LO, IT WAS FUN! And the beautiful princess (can you tell who wrote this?) had fun too – learning all kinds of new geeky things. So, we decided to start our own radio station providing good music to good people.

How It’s Going

Brand Strategy 73%
Internet Marketing 48%
App Development 82%
Customer Happiness 90%

Mental Asylum Radio is seeking quality professional broadcasters to join our team!

We are recruiting quality On-Air Talent and DJs for our fast growing internet radio station. We’re looking for interactive individuals or teams with personality and excellent microphone and interpersonal skills.  All of our DJs are volunteers, who either want to learn to DJ or just enjoy doing it.  Most stations are genre specific, Mental Asylum Radio is mixed. We play many different genres. We love doing themed shows where our DJs can showcase their favorite type of music, but you should also be prepared and willing to play any genre. We prefer that you have experience with SAM Broadcaster by spacial and have at least six (6) months of being a radio DJ. However, we do take on a few trainees. If you are enthusiastic about learning and willing to be taught please continue reading.

The Basics

  • You must be able to work with both female and male staff
  • DJs must have a varied music collection with between 500 – 1,000 songs in different genres
  • You must be willing to immerse yourself in music knowledge since we are a mixed genre station
  • You need pizzazz – a “radio voice”
  • All DJs must have an internet connection with a minimum 256k upload speed, a quality pair of headphones, and a good microphone
  • You will also need a laptop or computer with a lot of memory and speed
  • We encourage our DJs to be free and creative concerning the content of their shows so be prepared to develop your own playlists and ideas
  • Social media interaction is encouraged
Mental Asylum Radio broadcasts 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Potential DJs are to commit themselves to a minimum of 2 hours per week. If you have the experience or the drive to learn and feel you meet the requirements above, please submit an application and one of our staff will contact you.


Include Voice Clip & Sample Playlist

To assist us in our decision making process, you’ll need to submit a Voice Clip with your application and a sample playlist.

Voice Clip

If you aren’t familiar with the process of making a voice clip read this post on how to make a voice clip or go to www.Google.com and type in: “How do I make a voice recording” or something similar. Your voice clip should be recorded as if you were on the air.

Please announce your name, the Station name, and a set of songs.


Your sample playlist can simply be a text file listing the song and artist in the order you would play them.

Apply Here!

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Have you ever been an internet DJ before?

If yes, how long ago

If yes, where did you DJ?

If yes, what software did you use?

Tell us why you would like to be a DJ here at Mental Asylum Radio and a little bit about yourself

Please attach a sample playlist (txt is fine)

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Favorite Genre: Alternative

Favorite Artist/Group: My Chemical Romance

Favorite Song: The Black Parade

Haven’t heard back from us?

Sometimes we get really busy and a lot of people apply to become DJs. It’s ok to follow up on your application. If you haven’t heard from us within a week, please feel free to send an email to moc.m1542648863ulysa1542648863latne1542648863m@ofn1542648863i1542648863.  Your email should be brief and to the point. State who you are, when you sent your demo and ask if anyone has had a chance to listen to it yet.